Mackenzie Frontier
Mackenzie Frontier


The town of La Crete, at the north base of the beautiful Buffalo Head Hills, is surrounded by forests, lakes and lush farmland. The area boasts unlimited opportunities for adventure such as water sports, hunting, camping, fishing, snowmobiling. The La Crete Mennonite Heritage Village features many historical buildings from the original townsite. The ferry is one of only two in Alberta. It crosses the Peace at Tompkins Landing in all its roaring splendor and peaceful serenity.

La Crete has rich history dating back to 1918, which has embedded strong cultural ties into the lives of its inhabitants. La Crete was named in 1918 by the Rivard Brothers who were the first settlers of the area. They names the area “La Crete Landing” because it was off the mighty Peace River, a place they called home. “La Crete” which translates to “The Crest”, can also refer to a “Rooster’s comb” and was used to describe the ridge of land where they came ashore about nine kilometers southwest of where the hamlet is today.

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