Fort Vermilion Board of Trade

Fort Vermilion Board of Trade


Fort Vermilion & Area Board of Trade

The Board of Trade was formed in 1914 to promote trade and commerce, and the economic, civil, social welfare of the area. In March of 1917, the Board of Trade built and moved into its first building.

In 1958 the name was changed to Fort Vermilion and Area Board of Trade and consisted of 2 directors from Fort Vermilion, 2 directors from La Crete and 2 directors from the North Peace Area. That year the board moved that a suitability for settlement report be done for the Buffalo Head Prairie area. They also sent a letter to AGT protesting the poor phone service in the area and suggested land west of Buffalo Head be opened for settlement.

In 1981 after much consulting and many letters, the board received a letter stating a new hospital would be built.

Today the Fort Vermilion Board of Trade operates with the same vision in mind as in years past. Its focus of promoting and improving trade and commerce for the people remains the same.

Street Address
Box 456, Fort Vermilion, AB
Postal Code
T0H 1N0