Zama City and Area


The Hamlet of Zama is the “oil centre of the north”, and has a very active community spirit. The community of Zama along with Zama Lake were named after a Dene Tha’ Chief, whose name was Zamba. Previously known as Zama Lake, Zama and now Zama City, we are still a Hamlet within the Mackenzie County. Our community is located smack-dab in the middle of one of the largest known oil and gas fields in Alberta. Residents are here because of this industry and are all involved somehow or another in the oil and gas profession.


Zama City Community Park

The park features campgrounds and a catch-and-release fish pond.

Zama Community Library

Located in the Corner Stone Building, the library offers books, movies, CDs, and more.

Sports Facilities

Zama City School offers frisbee golf, a baseball field, basketball court, and outdoor skating arena.

Snowmobile Trails

Winter can be fun! Get outside and enjoy the Zama City snowmobile trails.

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